Why the front bench seat disappeared from cars and may be staged for a comeback in EVs

The phrases “classic American car” would possibly conjure recollections of huge sedans, thrives like tailfins, huge engines and in many instances bench seats.

The front bench seat was as soon as a commonplace function of American cars, however over time it disappeared, in half on account of altering tastes and security rules. Its disappearance really says a lot about automotive historical past.

It is feasible bench seats might come again, thanks in half to cars which might be both electrical or autonomous cars.

At one level in American automotive historical past, nearly all cars had bench seats — they inherited the function from horse-drawn carriages. Bench seats had been excellent for squeezing a number of passengers in a automobile, and had been nice for watching the drive-in motion pictures that grew to become common in post-War America.

However, American automakers quickly discovered themselves scrambling to satisfy demand for smaller sportier cars with bucket seats that might compete with the European cars American troopers had seen throughout World War II.

The Chevrolet Corvette and Ford Mustang had been two of those legendary American solutions to European cars.

A push towards safer autos in the 1970’s additionally harm the case for the bench seat. Automakers wished to be capable of set up computerized seatbelts and airbags in cars and had a exhausting time making them for the middle seat on the bench.

Over time, carmakers crammed extra stuff into the middle console of the automobile between the two bucket seats — every thing from music gamers to local weather controls and gear shifters. Consumers grew accustomed to the facilities.

Today there are few autos which have bench seats in the front, and they’re nearly fully vehicles and full measurement SUVs.

Changes in know-how are reopening the door to bench seats, and they’ve been noticed on some electrical and autonomous idea designs. Some autonomous automobile designs even counsel seating passengers round a desk in the middle of the automobile.

Should that occur, thousands and thousands of Americans would possibly as soon as discover it potential to cuddle up in a automobile and watch a film — simply as so many did in the 1950s.

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