Virologist says reopening indoor dining is ‘reckless’ as new, more transmissible coronavirus strains spread in the U.S.

Reopening indoor dining is “an extraordinarily reckless and premature decision” as new, more infectious variants of the coronavirus spread in the U.S., virologist Angela Rasmussen instructed CNBC Friday.

Indoor dining resumed at a restricted capability in New York and Portland, Oregon, on Friday.

“While I appreciate the economic importance of opening businesses back up and while cases are on the decline, we have new variants that are circulating that are more transmissible,” Rasmussen mentioned on CNBC’s “The News with Shepard Smith.”

Rasmussen, a virologist at Georgetown University’s Center for Global Health Science and Security, mentioned the United Kingdom relaxed Covid restrictions early final December. Then, circumstances surged after a brand new, more transmissible coronavirus pressure was recognized.

New, more contagious coronavirus strains originating in the U.Ok., South Africa and Brazil have been spreading in the U.S.

The pressure first recognized in the U.Ok. is doubling its attain in the U.S. roughly each 10 days, in response to a research revealed by researchers on Sunday.

“We don’t need to create new opportunities for the virus to spread among strangers who are not in each other’s household groups,” Rasmussen mentioned.

Indoor dining will increase a person’s danger of coronavirus an infection, in response to Center for Disease Control and Prevention tips. Ventilation circulation inside eating places could cause aerosols to spread at distances higher than six toes, a research revealed in November discovered.

“We need to hang in there a little bit longer with the non-pharmaceutical interventions that are meant to reduce exposure risk, such as masking and distancing, until we can get more people vaccinated,” Rasmussen mentioned.

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