U.S. tops ‘unfathomable’ milestone of 100,000 Covid hospitalizations: ‘We’re all on edge’

Medical employees members put together to carry out a percutaneous tracheostomy process on a affected person within the COVID-19 intensive care unit (ICU) throughout Thanksgiving on the United Memorial Medical Center on November 26, 2020 in Houston, Texas.

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More than 100,000 individuals are at present in hospitals throughout the U.S. sick with Covid-19, because the pandemic pushes docs, nurses and different well being staff to their limits.

The present quantity of hospitalized sufferers underscores the scope and severity of the present part of the U.S. outbreak. Never earlier than had the quantity of hospitalized Covid sufferers surpassed 60,000, in keeping with knowledge compiled by the Covid Tracking Project, which is run by journalists at The Atlantic.

In truth, Dr. Janis Orlowski, chief well being care officer on the Association of American Medical Colleges, mentioned in a telephone interview with CNBC that she does not recall any illness sickening so many Americans all without delay ever earlier than.

“I don’t think we’ve ever seen this number. We certainly never saw this number with HIV or any of the other new diseases that we’ve had,” Orlowksi mentioned. “It’s an astonishing, astonishing number and the shame of it is it’s a number that we could have impacted and we didn’t.”

Crisis care


‘Surge with no employees’

“This is a surge with no staff,” she mentioned. “This is widespread, and it’s happening all at the same time, and everybody’s getting hit simultaneously. Before, we were able to share resources and assets, whether it’s staffing, whether it’s supplies, whether it’s the bed space, but now that’s something that is a luxury.”

Hospitalizations aren’t rising as quickly in New York City as they did within the spring, Madad mentioned, however hospital techniques throughout the state are making ready for a possible surge. Gov. Andrew Cuomo introduced Monday that the state is implementing emergency measures to assist hospitals address what he known as “a new phase in the war against Covid.”

One of these measures is the identification of retired nurses and docs in case their service is required as hospitals refill.

“You can add as many beds as you want, but if you have nobody to man those beds and actually be able to provide patient care, then that is absolutely useless,” she mentioned. “Staffed beds are everything. Beds by itself are nothing.”

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