The stock market is on a ‘freeway to the danger zone,’ Jim Cramer says

CNBC’s Jim Cramer sounded the alarm Wednesday saying that the stock market is inching nearer to a frothy atmosphere, the place traders pay up for shares whereas ignoring fundamentals.

“You wouldn’t know it from the sedate action in the averages … but this is starting to feel a little bit like a Kenny Loggins market,” he mentioned after the shut on “Mad Money,” “We’re on — I’m going to say it — a highway to the danger zone.”

The feedback come after a blended session of buying and selling with the S&P 500 closing decrease for a second straight buying and selling day and the Nasdaq Composite taking a breather for the first in 4. Despite the 0.03% dip to 3,909.88 in the S&P 500, the benchmark stays inside six factors of Monday’s file shut. The tech-heavy Nasdaq slipped 0.25% to shut at 13,972.53 after making a behavior of setting new highs over the previous week.

Meanwhile, the Dow Jones Industrial Average completed 62 factors greater at 31,437.80, a new file, resuming its uptrend after breaking a six-day profitable streak in Tuesday’s session. The blue-chip index has now had eight constructive days in the previous 10.

Cramer mentioned the market is displaying indicators that “people are getting too greedy,” repeating is oft-used phrase that bullish and bearish traders make cash, whereas pigs get slaughtered.

“In a frothy market, stocks will have enormous rallies that are totally disconnected from the underlying fundamentals,” he mentioned. “You get enough of those moves and you have to take something off the table because, just like when you pour yourself a beer, the froth doesn’t last.”

Cramer pointed to particular goal acquisition firms, or SPACs, hashish shares and brief squeezes, like the headline-grabbing ones engineered final month by traders utilizing Reddit, as catalysts of excessive market valuations.

“So you’ve gotta be careful when it gets this frothy, but, and this is crucial, I am not saying get out now,” he mentioned. “I am not saying sell everything. I am simply begging you to exercise some discipline and sell something because nobody ever got hurt taking a profit.”

Cramer is not the solely voice on Wall Street issuing warning about the present atmosphere. In a word launched Tuesday, a Bank of America analyst wrote that a market correction, the place shares expertise a 10% decline in the market, is on the horizon.

Jared Woodard, funding & ETF strategist at Bank of America, additionally attributed the potential decline to market exuberance and a disconnect between Wall Street and Main Street. Should the market drop, he expects it would carve out new alternatives for traders.

“We expect a buyable 5-10% Q1 correction as the big ‘unknowns’ coincide with exuberant positioning, record equity supply, and ‘as good as it gets’ earnings revisions,” Woodard mentioned.

Bank of America has a year-end goal of three,800, a vital distance from the common goal of 4,082 amongst analysts, in accordance to CNBC Market Strategist Survey.

“You have to make hay when the sun shines, I want you to do that. Just remember, stocks ultimately are pieces of paper, and Wall Street will keep printing out those pieces of paper until the buyers run out of firepower, at which point the buyers will be steamrolled,” Cramer mentioned.

“We are not there yet, but if there’s one takeaway from the froth-o-meter, we are most certainly headed in that direction.”

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