Photos reveal how much flying has changed since its ‘Golden Age’

Commercial air journey has come a great distance since the “Golden Age of Travel” — an period marked by glamour, gourmand meals and dapper passengers.  

While complaints about smaller seats and costly tickets are rife at the moment, a glance into the historical past of economic aviation exhibits that at the moment’s buyer expertise might not be as dangerous as some imagine.

While seats are undeniably smaller, plane security, pace, ticket costs and inflight leisure have improved — a truth to remember whereas perusing pictures of economic plane from the previous.


Rules and laws


Aisle house

Aisle space in the first-class section of a British Overseas Airways Corporation Boeing 747, circa 1970.

Fox Photos | Hulton Archive | Getty Images

Aisle space is generous in the first-class section of the Boeing 747, an aircraft which Bubb refers to as the manufacturer’s “hallmark achievement.”

Dubbed the “Queen of the Skies,” the jumbo jet has variants that are capable of seating 500 passengers and flying 600 miles per hour at altitudes of 40,000 feet, Bubb said.

“They had been a part of the jet revolution that shrunk the world via pace, house and time,” he said. “It is astounding how engineers may design a 900,000-pound object with engines, wings and a tail to get off the bottom.”


Meal service


Their uniforms typically changed to replicate the prevailing vogue of the time, and included go-go boots within the 1960s, striped pants within the 1970s and pastels and shoulder pads within the 1980s.

Today, uniforms are extra conservative, mentioned Bubb.

“The flight attendants’ uniforms … changed from a trendy, risqué look to a extra conservative one,” he said. “The extra conservative strategy prompted passengers to take a look at and deal with flight attendants with extra respect.”

A KLM air hostess and pilot, circa 1935.

Hulton Archive | Getty Images

Pilots uniforms, nevertheless, have largely stayed the identical.         

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