NYU’s ‘Dean of Valuation’ says driving stock price up won’t make GameStop’s fundamental problems go away

New York University finance professor Aswath Damodaran instructed CNBC on Thursday the buying and selling frenzy in GameStop and AMC Entertainment shares don’t change the businesses’ fundamental problems and calls into query the long-term technique for on-line traders who sparked the quick squeeze within the shares.

Known because the “Dean of Valuation” for his firm analyses, Damodaran mentioned on “Power Lunch” he understands traders on websites like Reddit had been motivated by a want to trigger monetary ache for the hedge funds that shorted GameStop and AMC.

“I’ve never been a fan of hedge funds. I don’t think many of them bring much to the table and they charge absurd amounts of money for doing so,” Damodaran mentioned. “When I look at the investors who are driving GameStop and AMC, they’re pretty open about the fact they couldn’t care less about value. This has become a game.”

Short promoting is a guess {that a} stock will lower in price. When the other occurs, a brief vendor could search to restrict their potential losses by buying the stock at its present greater costs. Some high-profile quick sellers of GameStop have indicated they retreated from their positions after on-line traders piled into the title and despatched shares hovering.

“The question for those Reddit investors I would ask: ‘What is your end game? What do you hope to get out of this?'” Damodaran mentioned. He famous a desired consequence could also be driving just a few hedge funds that shorted GameStop or AMC shares out of enterprise.

“OK, you might succeed but do you really want to end up with AMC, GameStop and BlackBerry because the shares in your portfolio?” Damodaran mentioned. “I mean, these are companies with serious, serious structural problems. Those problems aren’t going to go away because you pushed up the price. There is going to be pain.”

Shares of each AMC and GameStop had been beneath stress Thursday, as quite a few on-line brokerages positioned buying and selling restrictions on the shares after the epic quick squeezes within the names. Entering Thursday’s session, GameStop was up practically 2,000% in January alone.

AMC shares fell greater than 50% on Thursday, someday after the movie show chain superior about 300% in a single session. GameStop completed down greater than 40% on Thursday to round $194 per share.

Damodaran mentioned he believes some traders realized the improper lesson from previous quick squeezes involving Tesla. The electric-vehicle maker’s stock has divided Wall Street for years and attracted vital quick positions from bearish traders.

Tesla shares have been a tear within the final yr, up greater than 800% since early January 2020.

“The difference between Tesla and GameStop is the people who sustain Tesla actually believe in the company. They think it’s going to be a great company, whether you agree with them or not,” mentioned Damodaran, who has beforehand raised query’s in regards to the most-bullish Tesla forecasts.

And whereas GameStop’s stock jumped in early January partly on account of Chewy co-founder Ryan Cohen becoming a member of its board, sparking some hope he may assist lead a digital transformation, Damodaran contended the online game retailer has an uphill climb. He urged that was additionally the case for AMC, which faces the risk of digital streaming.

“Is there anybody who thinks that we’re all going to go back to malls and that GameStop is going to come roaring back or that AMC is going to come back as a movie theater business for the future? I don’t see anybody buying these companies because they think that these companies have a rosy future,” Damodaran mentioned.

“That is the big difference between Tesla and GameStop and for those people drawing the Tesla lessons, you might be looking at the wrong story,” he mentioned.

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