Cramer’s lightning spherical: I’m starting to warm up again to Wells Fargo

Ares Capital: “We do not know what they’re really investing in. That has caused a problem. a lot of people have lost money in these stocks. I am not going to recommend it.”

UBS: “It’s not that great a dividend. It’s 3.28%. Wells [Fargo] has a better dividend. You know, I’m starting to warm up again to Wells because I saw that they got out of the auto loan business, which made me think that they’ve got horse sense. [CEO] Charlie Scharf’s a good guy.”

Arcturus Therapeutics: “It’s another RNA play and a lot of people are really interested in RNA. Moderna is RNA. It’s a speculative stock, as long as you don’t put too much of your capital in it. I’m going to OK it, because I believe in the RNA technology.”

Alteryx: It’s a purchase.

Lyft: “Now you’ve got the problems in cities, you’ve got Covid — it’s just a little too much heavy lifting for Lyft.”

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