Cramer’s lightning spherical: I like Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat: “I like Beyond Meat.”

Scorpio Tankers: “There’s a bunch of tankers. Everybody wants me to go behind them and I can’t do it because [the way] they trade … We’re looking for solid blue-chip stocks. That is not one of them.”

Crowdstrike: “The highest … price-to-earnings multiple stocks are actually going down, here. Why? Because people want to buy the stocks of companies that do better if the economy opens because of the vaccine. They feel that these stay-at-home stocks have reached their peak. I’m not so sure, but at least you now know the answer.”

Boston Scientific: “I happen to prefer Medtronic, I happen to prefer Edwards, but I have to tell you I have no problem at all owning Boston Scientific.”

Osmotic Pharmaceuticals: “I’m going to have to do homework on that company.”

Datadog: “I happen to like Datadog, but you have to understand that’s a high-multiple stock like some of the others and those are due for a little bit of a hit. They’re coming in, and then you can buy some.”

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