4 Simple Steps to Overcoming Your Fears

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I’ve been spending numerous time over the previous few months speaking to individuals about why they hesitate to begin one thing new, and their reply is commonly the identical – they’re afraid.

I can undoubtedly relate.

The different day, somebody requested me to inform them a few particular time I felt afraid and had to overcome that in my profession. I had a tough time answering her… as a result of I genuinely couldn’t consider a time after I wasn’t scared out of my thoughts.

I’m scared. You’re scared. We’re all scared.

The key isn’t to get rid of your , however somewhat to find out how to face them and transfer ahead regardless of them.

When I began my first facet hustle from my kitchen desk, I used to be terrified. 

I used to be afraid of failing. I used to be afraid I did not understand how to be an entrepreneur. I used to be afraid I’d let individuals down, get rejected, and laughed at… you identify it, I used to be petrified of it.

What I realized after beginning was that whenever you’re chasing massive goals and attempting new issues, concern is inevitable.

The key isn’t to get rid of your fears, however somewhat to grow to be the type of one who faces their fears as a substitute of working away from them.

To assist me overcome my very own fears, I created a easy 4-step FEAR course of:

  1. Feel
  2. Embrace
  3. Act
  4. Repeat

Step 1.  Feel your concern

Remember, concern is a survival intuition. It is a sign that one thing is mistaken and protects us from hazard and permits us to survive. The downside is, your thoughts typically doesn’t know the distinction between an existential menace – corresponding to a saber tooth tiger who’s about to assault you, and a non-existential menace, just like the concern of being embarrassed or rejected. To your thoughts, it’s all the identical. Something is mistaken. There is a menace to your security and you are feeling scared.  

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The excellent news. Fear is fleeting. Research reveals that the majority feelings solely final up to 90 seconds…90 seconds. So, whenever you really feel the concern, particularly when you already know there isn’t any actual existential menace, it’s your decision to remind your self that it’s simply that.  Fear.  Nothing extra.  Nothing much less. Just concern. Your life is just not at , neither is your existence.

Denying your fears will solely permit them to have extra energy over you – et your self really feel your concern as a substitute of pushing it away or avoiding it, and observe what being afraid seems like.

Step 2. Embrace your concern

The dictionary defines ‘embrace’ as:  To settle for or assist willingly and enthusiastically – to absorb or embrace as an element, merchandise, or component of a extra inclusive complete.  Once you are feeling the concern, you want to embrace it.   And sure, I’m suggesting you settle for it willingly AND enthusiastically. 

Why? Because concern is your buddy. Remember, the sensation of concern is hard-wired in us.  It is there to shield us.  Once you embrace that concern and settle for it is going to ALWAYS be current in some kind,  then you possibly can cease losing time attempting to ‘overcome’ or ‘get rid’ of it and begin spending time studying how to perceive, handle and work via it. 

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You also can share your concern.  Things are a lot scarier on the within than they’re on the surface!  Shine a brilliant gentle in your concern and produce it into your acutely aware degree.  Talk with a buddy or write it in a journal. Once you determine your concern, you’re that a lot nearer to proudly owning it.

Once you’ve recognized the actual concern and embraced it, then you possibly can transfer on to my favourite step: ACT. 

Step 3. Act in your concern

Aristotle believed the treatment for concern was to act in virtuous methods, together with being brave. Too typically, we let , overwhelm, and concern overcome us till we’re completely paralyzed and may’t do something in any respect.

I agree with Aristotle –  one of many solely methods to overcome concern is to act.  Action creates additional motion; momentum creates additional momentum. So, as soon as you are taking one step, you’ll begin constructing the boldness and the to take the following. 

Remember, generally the chance of not taking motion is definitely larger than the chance of transferring ahead. Take a have a look at the dangers or points in case you don’t begin one thing new or take a danger to chase your goals.  What would occur? What would the result appear to be 3, 6, or 12 months from now? Is that consequence larger than the chance related to leaping in and constructing the lifetime of your goals? Are you making these fears a lot worse than they really are? For me, I’d all the time somewhat have an ocean of concern than a mountain of .

Step 4. Repeat

This isn’t a recipe for making concern go away, however a course of for us to really feel our fears and transfer ahead. The secret is to find out how to flip your fears into gas for achievement. 

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Every single time you face a problem or do one thing unfamiliar, it’s going to be a bit scary.  You will proceed to encounter concern, however by feeling it, embracing it, and performing on it, the concern will lose its depth.  Little by little, you’ll grow to be stronger than your fears till they not have the identical type of energy over you that they used to.

Now that I’ve shared my 4-step course of, I problem you to apply it. Feel your concern, embrace it, act on it, & then try this yet again.

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