3 Ways to Dominate Your Market

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My space of experience is in management improvement utilizing the philosophy of Lean , in different phrases “process improvement strategies”. 

Now be part of me on the journey I name A Tale of Two : One  allowed its staff to be engaged by making enhancements that allowed the client to be first in thoughts. The second created an setting of “it’s not my job” eliminating staff from utilizing client-first considering. Now you would possibly ask, “How can the customer not be first?”

Many consider Lean Six Sigma is solely for engineering and firms. That’s the primary false impression. This managerial method is constructed on the premise of eliminating wasteful components and focusing solely on the client. Having taken that fast glimpse of Lean, as an entrepreneur, now you can see that this philosophy applies to all companies. Every enterprise operates in what Lean practitioners name SIPOC, (Suppliers, Input, Processes, Output and Customers). Understanding that small section of lean considering will open the door for you to take a look at the 3 ways to dominate your market. 

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How can I hinder?

Meet Office XYZ, a Dental Facility that has a small employees of 5-7 people every having their distinctive jobs when coping with sufferers. I known as this facility to make an appointment for my mom and was advised they wanted to confirm her and would name again as soon as they obtained the approvals. Two weeks glided by earlier than I noticed I had not heard from anybody relating to the insurance coverage verification. I known as the workplace and requested to communicate with the person who was to name again, whom we’ll name Kelly. I used to be knowledgeable that Kelly was out of the workplace and had been ailing for the previous two weeks. My subsequent query was: “is she the only person that verifies insurance?” The response was affirmative and I then asked to speak with a manager. I was told Kelly was the manager. Let’s stop here because now we enter that well-known rabbit hole of “it’s not my job.”

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How can I help?

Meet Office , A Pizza Company with a similar-sized staff. One night I called for a pizza. Upon placing the order I was told my meal would be about 30 minutes. Half an hour on a Friday evening? This company operated far differently than the first. When I placed my order something incredible happened, I received a text with the following message:  “We’re making your order. It’s all coming collectively now. The kitchen employees is busy along with your order ensuring every thing is excellent.”

A few minutes later I received this missive: “It’s on the best way. The driver has left the shop and shall be at your location shortly”, followed with, “Delivered! Time to eat. It’s been our pleasure serving you”. And it was within the time promised by the associate. 

The “go and see” mentality

These two very different experiences gave me moment to pause. Did Company XYZ know about the importance of “lean thinking” and did Company ABC know they were using the lean six sigma philosophy in their operations? Did the leader of Company XYZ actually walk the process to see if there were any wasteful elements that allowed their service to lack the three main components of customer first thinking: quality, speed and delivery? And what about Company ABC, did that leader utilize the concept of Gemba, meaning “go and see” to improve their value stream and get to the point where they asked what their customers appreciate?

When exploring Lean Six Sigma’s methodology the first step is to find the root cause for the identified waste. Then you move into seeking what the customer defines as quality, you determine the speed of getting your customer the item or rendering the service and you seek an appropriate method of delivery.

Focusing on the three lean strategies

One can’t assume to know what the clientele defines as quality unless they have actually been asked. In Company XYZ it is evident that no one took the initiative to seek input through surveys, focus groups or used any feedback techniques. There is a concept in the Lean lexicon called (VOC) Voice of the Customer. It simply means find out what your customers want and are willing to pay for. This is where you will find that notion of quality.

In the tale of Company ABC, you can attest to the fact that quality for their customers, myself included, is hot pizza, and being notified as to what’s going on with their order. How did they come to know and implement this into their operations? After receiving such great service I had to call and speak with one of their leaders. I was informed this is how they compete as a reckoning force within the market. 

The need for speed

Being the fastest in your field has a huge impact on your market.  As you can tell from the visit with Company XYZ speed played no major role in what they deemed as important to customers. Two weeks to verify insurance is beyond an acceptable practice. And, by the way, I failed to mention that I did speak with another person, upon request, who did call back within 24 hours to inform me that they did not accept the insurance.  Yet I waited 2 weeks for something that could have saved me both frustration and aggravation. Speed and convenience are major players in our buying experience.

Company ABC, epitomizes the importance of speed. On each text message I received that time stamp of delivery was also listed. Today there are ample services to ensure your customers get items and services in a speedy manner. This company has a system in place that allows employees to know time schedules for various sizes, as well as any increase in time based on selected toppings. Have you looked at your level of quickness, while keeping the high standard of quality appreciated by your customers?

Why is the method of delivery so important to your customers? Is it easy to obtain your product or service? Delivery in its simplest form equates to how a customer receives your product or service. Simple right? Company XYZ’s delivery was neither exceptional nor satisfactory. The level of professionalism of their staff created an angst for the customer and therefore any method of delivery they deemed appropriate was subpar. There was no option as to whether they could email, text me or call me. Based on their performance I don’t think any of those options would have changed the outcome.

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Company ABC created a supply technique that allowed me to choose how I wished to obtain the product. They after all ship of their autos, however I had an choice to have it delivered to my door and left in an acceptable place, to have them ring the doorbell and I obtain it face-to-face or contactless, it’s within the trunk and I come out and retrieve it. This permits the client to choose an choice.

We have simply visited two firms:  One eradicated waste and the opposite added to it. Which enterprise are you? 


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